The scariest thing I can think of is a dentist’s visit. Guess where I am going on Tuesday?

I am making my mother go with me. Really.

My tooth ached a bit on Thursday, it was kinda sore like a good bruise, and had been for two days. Friday I called and made the appointment. Saturday the toothache was completely gone. I considered cancelling but the poll taken of people-I-ran-into was overwhelmingly for keeping the appointment with Dr. “Bad Dreams Are Made of Me”.

Today my tooth feels like it is trying to burrow for freedom. Oh, it hurts, in a throbby, nasty,  hate-you hate-your-entire-exsistence sort of way. Why? It disappeared yesterday, why is it back today with extra pain sauce?

I will just keep using foul language and possibly have a beer.



Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

My mother likes the Three Stooges, always has, since she was a kid. She finds this a little embarrassing, liking slapstick so much. As her loving daughter I feel it is my duty to tell as many people as possible.

Which is why this occurred:

closeup of bottom pocket of knitting needle roll

It’s the bottom inside pocket of a knitting needle roll I made for my mom. I was lucky enough to score some cool Three Stooges fabric for it.

I could’ve gone with Star Trek fabric as my mom was a huge fan back in the 70’s, but James T. Kirk’s ripped shirts  just couldn’t stand up to Larry, Moe and Curly.

An earlier post has a shot of the materials, so here is the finished product:

outside of Three Stooges knitting needle roll, with tie

Three Stooges knitting needle roll, the inside

I used a yellow for the main pocket and a harlequin print for the lining. Again I had to bind the edges, and again I had a lot of trouble with it. The corners all came out nice and mitered, though.

I also went back and fixed my knitting needle roll:

pinned up bias tape edging

And this is what it looks like now:

roll all tied up

roll open and with needles and notions inside

This is mine with all the job lot eBay needles inside. So far I like metal needles best. My knitting is already tight and when I used the wooden needles it was really hard to work. When I get a better handle on the correct tension I’ma try ’em again.

She mailed the sewing machine to me

I sent my good friend J* an email recently that began “Hi! Guess what I’ve been doing with your sewing machine.” Because I have her sewing machine, in my possession, in my house, due to her mailing the thing to me. She is a deeply cool person.

old Kenmore sewing machine with potholder being sewn

Mater Dolorosa

I was, and still am, very excited about getting to use the thing.

“It needs a name.” I said.

“Mater Dolorosa” says my mother without a moment of hesitation.

She looked like there might be some lingering past sewing issues but I did not ask right then. My mother is a wily opponent and must be snuck up upon to get any information out of her. I will ply her with tea and little biscuits, later, and hopefully learn why mother of sorrows was so damn appropriate for the sewing machine.

So, there you are – it has a name that only time can show how fitting it is. I bought a case for it at the sewing machine repair place (it needed to be oiled and may have been dropped during shipping). The case is large and white, quite plain. I’m going to paint a tattoo version of the mother of sorrows on it. It’s a very cool sewing machine, you see.

That is a potholder I made as homework for bias tape attachment. What do you call putting on bias tape? Binding up? Dunno. I am not very good at it, so I am making little things to practice. I found a good set of instructions, with very clear photos on the web. Oh internet, I love you so.

These are the various things I have made on the Mater Dolorosa:

potholder in a 60's floral print with pink edging

a quilted potholder

dia de los muertos print oven mitt with yellow edging

a quilted oven mitt

action shot of quilting on the oven mitt

inside lining and quilting being done

unfinished knitting needle roll in 60's floral print

unfinished knitting needle roll

This knitting needle roll is the reason for the potholders. I messed up the bias tape on this and it really bugs me. I have a brand new packet of Extra Wide Double Fold and I plan to use it.

The pattern for the roll came off the internet, just like the oven mitt. Nice clear instructions and the oven mitt one offered a printable pattern.

pattern and both halves of oven mitt

oven mitt pieces and pattern

I discovered several things making this mitt:

  1. I needed real sewing scissors; pinking shears weren’t much help due to the thickness of the project. There is a layer of utility fabric, Insul-Brite, between the fabric layers and cutting all this out with pinking shears really threw things off.
  2. You should really check which way the fabric is laying before sewing it up. I was quite surprised at the end when I took that photo and the skeletons were on their sides.
  3. Bias tape is evil, very bad no good stuff.
  4. I will poke myself a million billion times while pining things up. And yes, I really do need to pin, it will not be “okay” if I just “hold it right” as I am sewing.
  5. Basting is a very important step.
  6. Machine quilting is cool.
  7. I still don’t get why everyone who has ever used my kitchen hates my silicon potholders so very much but I do like my new oven mitt and potholder a lot.

I am going to make my mother a knitting needle roll. I got special fabric from one of the many online quilting stores.

fabrics and notion for G*'s knitting needle roll

Yeah baby, the Three Stooges in black with yellow back ground reprints and red type. My mother rocks and so will her knitting things.

My Mother and the Newspaper Fiasco

My brother sometimes brings me the Sunday paper, hanging it on my doorknob as I rarely answer the door and he never knocks. I enjoyed reading it, mostly I think because I once worked at a newspaper back in the 80’s.

So I decide to get a subscription to the paper and get it delivered to my house. Just the Sunday one, the big  issue, with color comics and coupons. I would be virtuous and do all my shopping with coupons – thereby becoming a Better Person.

The very first Sunday I am to get the paper, I get two. I call the paper on Monday, the lady who talks to me is vague about what has happened but assures me I will only be charged for the one subscription. And yes, it happened the next Sunday and they charged me for both papers.

I called to talk to someone about how to fix all this – and spent an hour on phone, dialing  and waiting and forging through voicemazes – and got to talk to no one. Not a single person. This is, in the grand scheme of things, a pathetically minor matter, but oh, did it matter to me! I used their online form to cancel and have spent the next few weeks arguing with them to get my refunds.

I am supposedly to get another five dollars at some point.

During all this I decide I need to lay siege to the newspaper offices. I envision trebuchets and screaming hordes of Norsemen, it soothes something inside me. I called my mother to tell her about my disaffection with the newspaper people and how I must now go and set fire to the company headquarters.

She says “Okay I’ll go get a knife from the kitchen, come get me!”

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