Batty Bat Bat

There is a little hallway in my house that has a light with a pull chain. A pull chain I can never find, in the dark, to turn the light on.
I made the worst pom pom and tied it to the end of the pull chain. And then felt really sad as it was a very bad pom pom. It needed to be replaced.

I decided to make a bat for the pull chain. I mean, it’s going to hang there, in the dark…it should be a bat, right? Right.
So a bat I have made.


wonky bat tied to a pull chain


He is slightly wonky and is made from scraps. He does his little plushie duty, though, and I can find the stupid pull chain easily. I’ve named him Igor.


slightly wonky bat plushie

I used stacked button for the eyes which make them stick out a bit and look like the actor who played Igor in “Young Frankenstein,” Marty Feldman.


igor's wing

He is made from an excellent pattern by fluffybunnies over on Craftster. Free pattern and everything, sweet. My dog is terribly disappointed as he feels every stuffed object in the house is his. We disagree on this. Anyway, say hello to my little friend, hanging there in the dark. Hey.



“I decided torture was my only option…”

knitted square pinned at all sides

…or maybe I was just trying blocking for the first time. This is a 100% acrylic yarn, one whole skein of Premier’s Deborah Norville Collection “Parrot” color and just enough of Highway Worker Orange to make one corner.

Only one side of this was 12″, the other sides were 13.25″, 13.5″ and 13″. Sigh.

I posted a question in the Squares for Comfort forums warning them my “square” was a bit funky. They said no worries and send it on in. I did so, yesterday. Yay! Second finished thing, well for me a least. This square is just part of a blanket, it still needs to be made up with other people’s squares into the final finished object. I’ve named it Gladys and feel quite fond towards it despite its funkyness.

Fair sailing Gladys, take care, be soft and comfy, me and the dog’ll miss your funky measurements.

Oooooh, I finished something!

folded up knitted dishcloth

This is very exciting for me, my first finished project! Yay! It’s a basketweave dishcloth from the Chicks with Sticks “Guide to Knitting” book.

It smells.

Yes, the yarn is scented: lemon lime, but just enough that ole allergy ridden me could not smell it. I dunno, it’s a little weird yet strangely interesting. Why would you want scented yarn? Is there something I should have knitted with it other than a dishcloth? Will the other dishcloths make fun of this one when I put them all away in their drawer? Have I doomed my newly created kitchen linen to a life of being the weird smelly kid on the playground? Am I perhaps too invested in this dishcloth? Hmm…

In other news, I had nearly decided to rip apart the Overly Large and Excessively Orange Dog Sweater but am now going to make bands instead of a one piece underpanel. More on this as I work it out. I know I can barely contain the excitement!


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