why am I doing this

This is meant as a journal, with photos, of things I am learning to do.

I’ve taught myself to bake a pretty good loaf of bread over the last two years. I am working on consistently getting a good loaf, right now it is either tasty or nice looking.

I’ve also learned to cook – I did Thanksgiving dinner for eight last year, turkey and all.

I’m also learning to sew and knit. A good friend mailed me her sewing machine (after I begged shamelessly to borrow it) and I have made a few things.

My first knitting class was three weeks ago and I am enjoying it a great deal.

Let’s see how it goes.


Sunbeam electric stand mixerThis was my mother’s. It is older than I am. It still
works but makes a godawful noise.

I feel an affinity for it as it seems to bitch
almost as much as I do.

Thus, it is my icon.


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