Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

My mother likes the Three Stooges, always has, since she was a kid. She finds this a little embarrassing, liking slapstick so much. As her loving daughter I feel it is my duty to tell as many people as possible.

Which is why this occurred:

closeup of bottom pocket of knitting needle roll

It’s the bottom inside pocket of a knitting needle roll I made for my mom. I was lucky enough to score some cool Three Stooges fabric for it.

I could’ve gone with Star Trek fabric as my mom was a huge fan back in the 70’s, but James T. Kirk’s ripped shirts  just couldn’t stand up to Larry, Moe and Curly.

An earlier post has a shot of the materials, so here is the finished product:

outside of Three Stooges knitting needle roll, with tie

Three Stooges knitting needle roll, the inside

I used a yellow for the main pocket and a harlequin print for the lining. Again I had to bind the edges, and again I had a lot of trouble with it. The corners all came out nice and mitered, though.

I also went back and fixed my knitting needle roll:

pinned up bias tape edging

And this is what it looks like now:

roll all tied up

roll open and with needles and notions inside

This is mine with all the job lot eBay needles inside. So far I like metal needles best. My knitting is already tight and when I used the wooden needles it was really hard to work. When I get a better handle on the correct tension I’ma try ’em again.


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