Learning to Knit

Well, yes, I am learning to knit. So far I haven’t stabbed myself repeatedly with the needle (embroidery), burned myself on the pan, rack or eye-of-the-stove (general cookery) or made the engine grind and whine in disturbing ways (machine sewing).

So I like knitting, the yarn is lovely, the needles are blunt and you can so easily undo what you have done if you mess it up. Granted you will lose whatever progress you have made but there is no frightening whine of a borrowed sewing machine motor (no, no, your sewing machine is fine, no worries!) and, happily, no blood.


ball of yarn in a bowl

This is some lovely lovely Italian yarn called Bazinga Pomegrante.


pair of blue metal cable needles and some cast on yarn

The start of a beginner’s scarf


The cable connected needles came from the learn-to-knit class I am taking at the local library. The teacher brought a bunch of donated needles and yarn for us to use. I chose these because they are shiny and blue. Excellent.

This is a bulky yarn that goes thick then thin. It looks pretty cool knitted up. I am pretty pleased with my first effort but this is mainly due to the awesomenss of the yarn and the fact all I have done is repeat the first stitch I have learned. We will see what happens when I try to add more yarn in and get to that whole “binding off” thing.



hands knitting

Knitting in front of the TV.


scarf on needles being held up for picture

After the movie was over I had this much. The color is off, though.


better color picture of scarf beginnings

Here the color is more like the actual thing.


Since I don’t really know what I am doing I am just going to knit a lot and take what I have in to show the teacher next week. My practice work on donated yarn had some weirdness in the beginning with the stitches being really tight then way loose and all sorts of odd gaps and funny stretches. I’m still going to use it in a future scarf though.


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